Language training in-company, online, and in our Berlitz Centre in Oxford


Language training in-company and in our Berlitz centres in Oxford and Edinburgh


Our English language courses are designed around the student’s specific requirements. e乐彩手机版的全日制课程是一对一的, 或者在小组中, 专注于学生的目标, 水平和节奏.


Our English programmes range from the very effective and very intense Berlitz Total Immersion (40 hours a week one-to-one, 甚至在午餐时间上课)到更放松, 半私人小组(2 - 3人). Our most popular programmes fall between, and are usually full-time Monday to Friday. Our Berlitz Method emphasises fluency in the spoken language during class time, 为了最大限度地与老师接触, 并将正式的书面工作留回家. Students are fully involved in the dialogue and get constant opportunities for speaking practice. 伯利茨方法确实有效,语言的进步很快.


We teach all languages, including French, 德国, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Arabic and Japanese. 课程可以是高强度的(全天), 整个星期)或兼职, 允许学生优化他们的时间.


e乐彩手机版的全日制和兼职课程通常是一对一的. 这是最有效的学习方法, and is highly personalised to the student’s particular language requirements. The student chooses the dates and schedule, based on their time and budget. We then build the most effective programme around those needs, level and course length. We can do goth general and business topics – whichever will be most useful for the student. e乐彩手机版的外语老师母语流利, 合格且经验丰富, e乐彩手机版一直从学生那里得到很好的反馈.


We work directly with Training or HR Departments to assess their employees’ language needs, whether the company is integrating staff in a multinational team or planning an overseas venture or launch.


A Business Language Adviser establishes the students’ requirements for their language goals, course content (which may include project-work or materials from the company) and lesson schedules. Tuition can be arranged individually 或者在小组中 and can be given either at the company’s premises or in our Berlitz Centres in Oxford and Edinburgh. 文化咨询等后备服务, 翻译服务, 自学和网上资料, mean you can think of UKLC as your complete out-of-house Language Services Department.


e乐彩手机版安排住宿, airport transfers and social programmes to extend and reinforce your language experience.


除了最重要的量身定制的语言课程, we provide both home stay accommodation and airport transfers to our Berlitz Centres in Oxford and Edinburgh. e乐彩手机版还可以为酒店或自助餐饮提供建议, 远足, 中期家庭探访, 还有课外的晚间或周末社交活动. 牛津和爱丁堡都很漂亮, 历史, and safe cities with lots of interesting things for students to do outside the school. 就是在“没有墙的教室”里学习英语.


e乐彩手机版组织法语夜校, 德国, Spanish and Cambridge English exams in our Berlitz Centres in Oxford and Edinburgh.


一般在下班后, 在周中的18:00或18:30, our 90-minute or two-hour classes are small enough to be focussed and professional, 然而,他们也是非正式的和有趣的. Foreign language classes usually meet once a week, and English exam classes twice a week. 额外补习学费, 或者在考试前的最后一分钟匆忙赶到, 能增加经验和效力吗. e乐彩手机版使用非常有效的Berlitz材料, which emphasise natural fluency while also providing more formal material for studying after class.

翻译 & 解释

e乐彩手机版翻译文件和网站文件, 与页面布局和格式的需要, 并可为会议提供口译员.


We can handle document translations in or out of English, or between any two other languages. e乐彩手机版的翻译人员都有专业资格, and we can can give advice on how to obtain notarised documentation if needed. e乐彩手机版的口译员, generally working in or out of English as “consecutive” interpreters (“simultaneous” interpreting is very specialised, 但请询问)可以为技术会议增加额外的维度, 或者是微妙谈判中的关键优势.


Berlitz牛津位于高街, 就在这座著名学府的中心, 而且很方便到达.

坐落在一座具有300年历史的特色建筑中, our classrooms have all the modern facilities students and staff could need, 包括平板电脑, 平板电视, 笔记本电脑和wifi.  We have a large resource library of materials which cover our students’ different language needs, 包括业务, 法律及财务专题. e乐彩手机版经验丰富的教师团队提供有趣的教学, 课程计划周密,内容丰富, 定期审查和反馈.

  • Coming to Berlitz Language Centre in Oxford to  learn English was the best decision I’ve ever made when it comes to brushing up on my English skills. I spent three weeks here and I really appreciate the professional approach of the teachers, 热情友好的氛围和精心准备的课程. 老师们根据我想学的内容量身定做课程. I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to improve their spoken and written English.

  • When I arrived in Oxford I couldn’t speak any English and thought it would be difficult to socialise and get around. 然而, within a short time the teachers and the staff at Berlitz helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed so that I could focus on improving my English. Thanks to the professional and very friendly staff for my language progress.

  • If I have the chance once again to book any English course I will come back to Berlitz牛津. I really enjoyed my stay in your lovely town as well as the sightseeing trip to London. And thank you so much once again for your perfect organization all the time!

    Heike -德国汉堡


除了有合格和有才华的老师, the reason the feedback from our students is so positive is because we tailor each programme to exactly meet each student’s individual needs, 水平和目标.


We level-check all students before their course, discuss their needs and agree the course objectives.


The course programme is then designed for every student to ensure that it contains the most interesting and relevant materials for them.


学生受到监控, 得到的反馈, throughout their course to ensure that every student is happy and progressing as they wish.

  • 地址:牛津高街131号,OX1 4DH

  • enquires@gloton-creation.com


Please contact us if you would like more information on any of our language courses or 翻译服务, 或者有什么e乐彩手机版能回答的问题.  e乐彩手机版期待很快收到您的回复.

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